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New Q4 2021 Analog Design Journal articles 

Designing with Small DC/DC Converters: HotRod™ QFN vs. Enhanced HotRod™ QFN

Authored by Rich Nowakowski and Simon Zhao, this article takes a look at two point-of-load DC/DC converters, providing up to 20 A with the samedie, to directly compare a traditional flip-chip HotRod™ package and the new flip-chip Enhanced HotRod™ QFN package demonstrating thermal, switch-node ringing, transient, efficiency and layout differences to help you decide if the Enhanced HotRod QFN package is more advantageous for your application.

Optimizing input and output transient settling times in amplifier circuits

In this article, Timothy Claycomb explains how operational-amplifier (op amp) circuits often perform system functions where the op amp needs to respond to input and output transients. An often-overlooked aspect in op amp circuit design is the difference in output settling response times for an output (load) step vs. an input step for the same circuit.

Going TVS-less in Automotive Reverse Battery Protection Designs

Authored by Abhijeet Godbole and Dilip Jain, this article describes a TVS-less reverse-battery protection system design using an ideal diode controller, analyzing the system architecture for protection and electromagnetic compliance (EMC) in accordance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 7637-2 and 16750-2, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards such as VW8000 (LV124) from German auto manufacturers.

Ultra-Fast USB Battery Charging With Power Dense Switched-Cap Converters

Authored by Jing Ye and Xiaohu Qin, this article analyses the latest developments applicable to power-supply designs. Including the USB Type-C® (USB-C) connector, USB Power Delivery (USB PD) specification and USB Programmable Power Supply (PPS) specifications, these enhancements make USB an excellent option for a power source over 100 W.

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