Embedded development software

Robust software development kits delivered in a single package

Our software development kits (SDKs) provide all the components you need to start embedded system develpment. Our SDKs are fully tested and integrated, and get released quarterly. Get to market faster with our operating systems, middleware frameworks and stacks, application examples, demos, documentation, and training—all packaged together for your convenience.

What is an SDK?

Application software consists of simple software commands that you want the hardware to do, typically C or ASM code. Development tools, such as IDEs, compilers, and debug probe let you create that application code for a given evaluation or development board. SDKs, though, are intended to solve bigger problems. Operating systems, peripheral drivers, hardware abstraction, protocols, and libraries all need to work together seamlessly—that is why our kits include all of these necessities and come fully tested and integrated.

See the italicized content in the table below to understand how our SDKs are structured.

Software development kit (SDK) icon
Middleware & frameworks
Protocol & I/F stacks
<interprocessor communications>
Middleware & frameworks
Protocol & I/F stacks
Operating system, peripheral drivers, and hardware abstraction
Operating system, peripheral drivers, and hardware abstraction
Processor 1
Processor 2

Evaluation and development boards

Operating systems

An embedded operating system is designed to help manage hardware and software resources in an efficient and reliable manner.  As no two applications are the same, we give you options develop with your choice of OS.


TI supports the Linux Mainline kernel, providing a robust software foundation built on long-term stable (LTS) kernels developed by the Linux community. You get the benefit of engaging with the communiity so you can focus on device differentiation and reach full-entitlement on your hardware.


We support multiple RTOS options, including FreeRTOS and TI-RTOS on selected devices. Access to a mature and established open-source offering helps reduce software development effort and speed time to market. TI also supports ready-to-use RTOS-compatible drivers to accelerate development.

No-OS or bare metal

We understand some applications benefit from more fine-tuned optimization.  With software options including non-RTOS drivers to lower-level APIs and bare metal programing to control hardware directly, we provide the right combination of abstraction, portability and efficiency for any need. 

Third-party operating systems

While you have a lot of flexibility with our open-source and non-OS option, we know that sometimes your applications require very specific support.  Whether you are working on a specific application, or just need a different level of performance, we are engaged with a number of third parties who can help. Explore all third-party partners.

Third Party
OS name
Region supported
Green Hills Software Integrity The Integrity RTOS architecture includes multiple protected virtual address spaces, each of which can contain multiple application tasks. Global
QNX Neutrino RTOS QNX Neutrino® Real-time Operating System (RTOS) is a full-featured RTOS enabling next-generation products in every industry where reliability matters, including automotive, medical devices, robotics, transportation, and industrial embedded systems. Global
Windriver VxWorks VxWorks is a deterministic, priority-based preemptive RTOS with low latency and minimal jitter. It is built on an upgradable, future-proof architecture to help you rapidly respond to changing market requirements and technology advancements. Global
KPIT's AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform (KSAR Adaptive) provides a sophisticated service oriented architecture based AUTOSAR solution for high compute platforms. KSAR Adaptive solution includes configuration and code generation tools required for development of AUTOSAR Adaptive applications. Global
Vector MICROSAR MICROSAR is the embedded software for your AUTOSAR Classic ECUs. It consists of the runtime environment MICROSAR.RTE and MICROSAR basic software modules (BSW). They cover the entire AUTOSAR Classic standard and contain a lot of useful extensions.
Elektrobit EB tresos, EB corbos, and EB zentur EB offers complete product lines, EB tresos, EB corbos, and EB zentur for building safe, secure, and flexible ECU software, based on Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR, supporting the ISO 26262 standard for functional safety. Global

What SDK do I need?

Released regularly, our SDKs are available for each of our processor and microcontroller (MCU) platforms. Choose one to get started.

Wireless microcontroller SDKs

The SimpleLink™ MCU platform sets a new standard for developers with the broadest portfolio of wired and wireless Arm-based MCUs in a single software development environment to deliver flexible hardware, software and tool options for:

Wired microcontroller SDKs

Our families of wired MCUs support a range of modular software solutions for a wide variety of ultra-low power and real-time control solutions. Find our wired MCU SDKs for:

Processor SDKs

Scalable hardware and software platforms with common code across our processor families to let you seamlessly reuse and migrate across devices to protect future investment for: