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For over 60 years, we have enabled leading-edge designs for next-generation aerospace and defense applications with a wide range of high reliability products that meet long operating-life and harsh environment standards. Engineers around the world rely on our system-level knowledge, continuity of supply, world-class support and design resources to support even the most stringent design requirements.

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We now offer HiRel products available for purchase online featuring a large inventory of space-grade and military-grade authentic TI products for your next-generation designs, with multiple date and lot code options. We offer several features specific to aerospace and defense customers to simplify your purchasing experience at any stage – from concept to production.

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Engineering the next frontier

We offer the most comprehensive selection of leading-edge QML Class V, radiation tolerant and radiation hardened (rad hard) products for space applications spanning low Earth orbit (LEO) to geosynchronous orbit (GEO) to deep space. With a proven legacy in the space market domestically and internationally, we are bringing new solutions to the space market, whether reaching the outer edges of the solar system or supporting New Space commercial satellite applications. We provide high performance products and tools to launch the latest technologies into space while maintaining quality and reliability.

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Take flight toward aircraft electrification

As the avionics industry accelerates toward a more electric aircraft, our design resources and trusted expertise help you create advanced electronics for next-generation aircraft. Our products, reference designs and technical content enable highly efficient systems, decrease aircraft size and weight and meet strict reliability standards.


Featured applications

Design modern cockpit displays utilizing all glass digital solutions for both heads down and heads up indication.

Revolutionize system solutions with upgraded generation, transmission and consumption standards.

Enable full authority digital engine control while supporting exterme temperature, vibration and reliability with our design solutions.

Design precise, hydraulic or electrically actuated systems utilizing sensor feedback coupled with reliable driving.

Enable sophisticated interconnect/distribution box systems connecting travelers to core passenger services throughout their flying journey.

Increase reliability and efficiency of control and maintenance sensors by connecting to a single-point, high-bandwidth backbone.

Defense & civilian

Mission critical designs for the connected world

The protection of people, assets and infrastructure requires accurate identification and processing of signals from many operational assets in harsh environments. Today’s connected battlefield demands system performance and reliability, and our design resources, product portfolio and system expertise allow you to create designs that enable clear and precise connections for a variety of operations.

Defense systems and products

Featured applications

Sensors, imaging & radar

EW systems monitor, jam, and/or decoy enemy electromagnetic transmissions such as communications, radar, or other EW systems.

IMUs allow the system to precisely track its position and orientation, especially in GPS-denied environments.

Modern phased array radar systems use electronically steered beam of radio waves to track the position and velocity of targets in noisy environments.

Ruggedized communications

Multiband software defined radio systems are used for secure voice and data communication over long distances.

GPS receivers provide precise location information to the user by tracking multiple satellites that are in orbit.

Civilian land mobile radios provide communication over multiple frequency bands to police, fire, or commercial users.

Smart munitions

Sonar uses sound generated by the target (passive sonar) or generated by the system (active sonar) to locate underwater objects.

Surveillance systems such as cameras (optical or infrared) and microphones are used to monitor the access to an environment.

Smart munitions use a seeker to track a target using optical, inertial, radar, and/or thermal sensing.

Design resources

TI is committed to delivering high quality and reliable semiconductor solutions that meet your needs.

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Learn about our JESD204B and JESD204C-compliant solutions to improve performance of the high-density systems in your aerospace & defense applications.