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Create an in-vehicle experience that connects the car and presents information and entertainment with sound and display quality that rivals consumer electronics. Our interactive system block diagrams guide you to an extensive catalog of integrated circuits (ICs), reference designs and supporting content that empower you to develop the next generation of in-vehicle infotainment systems. Get started on your designs now.

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45-W, 2.1-MHz analog input 4-channel automotive Class-D Burr-Brown™ audio amplifier


4x 5-A (20-A) multiphase buck converter PMIC with functional safety features for automotive SoCs


10-A automotive buck converter optimized for power density and low EMI

Connect the dots of the connected car

Discover how the connected vehicle is changing the automotive industry through fast and secure data transfer in and around the car for a seamless, interactive experience. Today’s world requires a certain level of consistent connectivity. The modern vehicle is doing its part to support a driver’s need to stay connected, safe and secure through telematics. Explore the features of the connected vehicle and how it is shaping the future of driving.

Connected car

Infotainment components bring together telematics and driver-assistance features to create a robust in-vehicle experience. Uncover what is on the roadmap for vehicle connectivity with this video.

The connected vehicle is an ongoing conversation as to what it encompasses and how it will impact the road. Explore three common questions around connectivity and its future in automotive.

Displays done differently

In an increasingly digital car, it is critical to deliver the right information in the right place at the right time. No two automotive displays are the same, so neither are the design requirements. No matter what project you are starting, we have a library of technical resources to get you started.

Car rear window display

New automotive technologies are turning standard automotive windows into dynamic displays. Discover how to create vehicle-to-pedestrian communication using transparent window displays.

Achieve peak performance from a full-array local dimming architecture with a delicate approach toward the number of LEDs and zones. Review design considerations for implementing this architecture.

Don't miss a beat in your audio system designs

There is more to designing an audio amplifier than meets the ear. Advances in low-power audio technology are enabling new trends in vehicles. Explore the latest in technical resources to address critical design challenges in power and diagnostics to make the most of your automotive audio quality.

Touch screen center console

Gain a foundational understanding of how to run diagnostics and the benefits of ongoing protection to enable consistent sound output in your audio amplifier designs.

Infotainment systems are continuing to evolve. Keep up with changing power requirements by learning how to design an automotive transient and overcurrent protection filter.

Streamline functional safety certification in automotive systems

With so much at stake behind the wheel, functional safety provides the necessary risk management framework. Efficiently and effectively meet your ISO 26262 requirements and automotive safety integrity levels (ASILs) up to ASIL D with our functional safety products that include on-demand documentation, such as functional safety FIT and failure mode distribution (FMD).

Functional safety

Functional safety design takes rigor, documentation and time to get it right. Explore our approach to designing integrated circuits (ICs) to streamline your functional safety design.

As vehicles move toward higher automation levels, there will be an increased need for monitoring ADCs to help Tier-1 suppliers and original equipment manufacturers meet their functional safety goals.