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Create innovative and differentiated LED lighting systems with our highly efficient power management devices for high-density LED drivers with wide dimming range. Our capacitive touch MCUs with haptics drivers help you provide multi-sensory feedback for interactive control, environmental sensors with accurate position detection and multi-standard wireless connectivity for a dynamic, human-centric lighting experience. 

lighting temperature example in track lighting

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Isolated 70-W streetlight LED driver using UCC28810

This application report describes use of UCC28810 in a single-stage 70-W streetlight LED driver in AC/DC flyback topology with fixed-frequency and constant on-time switching, to achieve power factor >0.9 and current THD <10%.

PWM, analog dimming solution to implement 0.05% to 100% dimming range UCC28811

In this paper, the combined dimming solution (PWM and 1- to 10-V analog) based on the UCC28810/11 device is provided to meet today’s wider dimming range specification for the LED ceiling lamp application.

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