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Delivering efficient energy and power density

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Our innovative techology, design resources and continuity of supply allow designers to create more energy efficient, reliable and protected power designs with higher power density.

Achieve beyond 80 Plus Titanium with 96.5% energy efficiency

Data centers consume >1% of the global electricity demand. As more data centers come online to support the growing need for storage, cloud-based applications, central computing power and more, efficiency is becoming a more crucial part of that growth. Our products and system expertise help you meet strict design requirements. Our designs are capable of reaching 80 Plus Titanium standards and enable power factor correction (PFC) efficiencies over 99%.

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Our 4-kW CCM single-phase totem-pole PFC reference design achieves 99.1 percent peak efficiency in AC-DC power supplies using the LMG342x GaN evaluation module and F280049C/F280025C control cards.

The 1-kW CCM totem-pole PFC and half bridge LLC reference design using the LMG342x GaN evaluation module and F280049C/F280025C control cards achieves 96 percent efficiency and 80 Plus Titanium.

Achieve more power in smaller spaces

New server processors and fast-charge features for personal electronics are requiring more power with each generation. Additionally, space in server systems is a premium, and there is an increasing need to fit more power in the same amount of space. Desigining smaller, more portable AC/DC adapters is also a critical challenge. Our products with leading gallium-nitride and control technology help enable you to achieve power denisty in smaller spaces for both AC/DC adapters and servers.

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This reference design is a 65-W, high-power density USB charger using the UCC28782 active-clamp flyback controller, achieving 30-W/in power density.

This 1-kW CCM totem-pole PFC and half bridge LLC reference design demonstrates a two-stage AC/DC solution in a compact size, using the F280049/F280025 control cards and LMG342x evaluation module.

Design reliable, smart and safe systems

Desiginers are more widely adopting Li-ion and LiFePO4 in industrial battery packs because of the higher power density and environmentally friendly materials. In data centers, a fundamental requirement is the reliable operation of servers. Unreliable server power supply can lead to large economic losses. Our products with advanced control technology help enable you to design highly reliable and safe systems.

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This reference design addresses the high cell voltage accuracy and low current consumption standard in a high-side MOS structure, providing safer and longer battery life for e-bike battery packs.

This white paper examines the key design considerations of industrial battery packs for two-wheel and three-wheel vehicles and provides solutions that meet your design needs.